Occupational Health & Hygiene

Occupational hygiene uses science and engineering to prevent ill health caused by the environment in which people work.  It helps employers and employees understand the health risks involved and continually improves working conditions and practices.

Rarely a day goes past without a reference in the newspapers, on the television or on the Internet to illnesses or disabilities caused at work. In some cases, the effects may be reversible. In many others, detrimental health effects cannot be reversed and may even shorten life expectancy.

Workplace risks

Work has always involved hazards to health. 

  • Painters have suffered ill effects by the use of lead based paint.

  • Chimney sweeps died from cancer caused by components in the soot.

  • Refractory workers exposed to silica suffered from lung diseases.

With good occupational hygiene practice, some historical risks have been eliminated and others brought under control. Yet understanding of the risks involved is still limited in many parts of industry. Additionally, changes in technology and society constantly create new risks for us to understand and confront, preferably before illness or disability result. 

Today's challenges and health risks

These days the range of health risks in the workplace is more varied than ever. Not only do we recognise chemical hazards but also the health hazards from noise, heat or cold, ergonomic stresses, ionising radiation, microwaves, infectious diseases and psychological stress. Employers also need to consider the impact of changing demographics and patterns of employment.

Benefits of occupational hygiene

Good occupational hygiene benefits workers and industry alike. It results in:

  • Improved worker health and increased life expectancy

  • Reduction in the number of people who have to leave employment early through injury or illness

  • Lower social and healthcare costs as well as maximizing worker potential

  • More efficient working processes with technological improvements and increased productivity.

Here at Industrial Safety and Hygiene we can offer business owners and employers in the CSG, Petrochemical, mining, manufacturing and other industries, peace of mind by providing the following services bringing achievable and practical solutions to your environmental and occupational health issues:

  • Dust and vapour exposure monitoring;

  • Exposure monitoring for chemical, physical & biological agents;

  • Hazardous substance compliance advice;

  • Preparation and review of Safety Data Sheets (SDS);

  • Chemical hazard and exposure risk assessments;

  • Manual handling and ergonomic assessments;

  • Industrial air quality testing (eg petrochemical, mining and manufacturing industries);

  • Regulatory and corporate H&S compliance audits;

  • Asbestos and lead control programs;

  • Noise mapping, noise measurement, and control alternatives;

  • Exposure control advice;

  • Job safety analysis; and

  • Training program development and delivery.